"Serenity on the Vaal River"

Activities @ Erkhamka

  • Whether you are an active person or a person that just wants to sit and read your favourite book. Erkhamka has what you need.
    You can sit at the water’s edge and relax or climb a mountain with a beautiful view of the Vredefort Dome Crater and just sit in awe of nature’s.
    You can visit our library and borrow a book or play board games.
Hiking Trails

For the active and adventurous there are a lot of hiking to be done at Erkhamka or in the vicinity.
Trails range from a relaxing stroll to climbing chain ladders and rocks.


Mountain bikes were made for dust, gravel, rocks and adventure.
We have many km’s of gravel roads and trails to explore with your mountain bike.
(Bring your own mountain bike)


We have some of the best river fishing to be done on site.
Deep water makes for big fish like Carp, Cat fish (Berbel), Yellowfish and more.
Fishing is done on a catch and release basis to preserve our natural resources.
(Bring own fishing gear)


You can choose to splash around Erkhamka or row up and down the river for km’s.
Nature will surprise you around every corner, Fish Eagle singing their majestic song or Herons fishing at the banks.
The peace and quiet of the area is blissful and rejuvenates soul and body.
Paddle ski’s are available, but you can bring your own canoe.


We have a small splash pool (3m x 76cm deep) for your use.
The sun can be very hot and you are welcome to relax in the pool while enjoying the sound of birds and other wild life.

Activities around Erkhamka

Erkhamka is situated between Parys and Vredefort next to the Vaal River on the Free State side, almost in the centre of the Vredefort dome.
Activities in the area are diverse and include:

  • Abseiling and rope-jumping
  • Bow hunting
  • Canyoning & Rappelling Tours
  • Paintball
  • Berakah 4×4 Eco Trail
  • Berry Picking at Bon-Af Berry Farm (In Season)
  • Bird Watching
  • Dell Cheetah Centre
  • Fly fishing
  • Great Golf courses
  • Guided Dome Tours
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Laser clay pigeon shooting
  • Parasailing and Paragliding
  • Quad biking
  • River Rafting & Tubing
  • Skydiving
  • Vredefort Meteorite Trails
  • White water rafting
  • Zip line in the beautiful dome
  • Various fine restaurants in and around Parys town

See the following websites for more detailed information